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Sodium Bentonite Clay - USP Grade - Powder - 5 lbs.

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Water-washed, ultra-ventilated sodium bentonite, USP grade.

Our water washed, ultraventilated USP grade sodium bentonite powder is a perfect detoxification and colon cleansing clay.

With an average particle size between 40 -74 microns in diameter, this is one--if not THE-- best single clay product for use as a supplement for those interested in safely and effectively cleansing the digestive tract.

What makes this sodium bentonite so superior then anything else on the market? First, the clay is water-washed, removing grit, dirt, impurities, and excess minerals. Having been milled, it is then ultraventilated, which provides the ability to capture particles in a very specific size range (in this case, 40 to 74 microns in diameter). Each batch is then sent to an independent laboratory, where it is tested for USP compliance. This is a high yield, high swelling clay, swelling 3-4 times in volume when hydrated.

Having a rich, green color once hydrated, this clay is far superior to other clays in the same class. You might be paying a bit extra, but you will get the highest quality sodium bentonite on the planet. Due to the exact methods involved from harvesting (it is a select harvest clay), processing, and storage, this clay retains its natural potency, unlike other "high grade" sodium bentonite clays on the market. Most other "pharmaceutical" grade clays are way over-processed. They are sometimes even bleached or irradiated.

This item ships in a one gallon FDA grade HDPE plastic container.

For detailed product information please view this page:

Tecopia Essentia - Using USP Grade Sodium Bentonite.