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Magnesium Chloride - MgCl2 - Food Grade - Flakes - 6 lbs.

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6 lbs. of Food Grade Magnesium Chloride Flakes (MgCl2)

Our food grade magnesium chloride flakes can be used in clay baths or salt baths. Since the body has a difficult time adsorbing magnesium through the digestive tract, using transdermal magnesium chloride therapy is an excellent way to deliver magnesium directly to the tissues that need it. Simply add to your favorite bath, and soak for 20-30 minutes. Magnesium chloride can be used together with other salts, including epsom and sea salt.

With our ultrapure flakes, interested individuals can easily make magnesium oil for topical use and save quite a bit of money over purchasing magnesium oil through retail outlets. Simply use a squeeze bottle, fill it 3/4 of the way with magnesium flakes, add pure water, and shake. If this highly concentrated solution is too powerful for the skin, simply keep diluting the solution with water until using the magnesium oil doesn't cause a skin reaction.

To make a fully saturated magnesium oil, use 3 parts water to 5.25 parts magnesium flakes.  This is roughly 3/4 cup of water to just over 1 1/4 cup of magnesium flakes (an extra tablespoonful of flakes should do it).

We recommend only using naturally derived, food grade magnesium chloride for therapy purposes.

This product ships in a one gallon container.

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