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Upon a Clay Tablet, Vol. I, by Jason R Eaton - Paperback (add-on item)

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Upon a Clay Tablet, Volume I, by Jason R. Eaton

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"This volume of my work comprises a two book set that I have designed as an introduction to the art and science of healing with therapeutic homeostatic clays. Book 1 includes a book of very relevant and true short stories and a section on correspondences.

"Book 2 is an exploration into clay therapeutics, and provides extensive information on some of the most prized healing clays of the world. It also provides detailed information on how health pioneers have used them successfully around the world. Book two includes some choice and independent scientific studies which help to validate and explain some of clay's amazing abilities to heal and promote vital health."

Upon a Clay Tablet, the Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clay, Volume I, is a soft cover trade paperback edition.