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The Ancient Art of Healing with the Living Earth

"UPON A CLAY TABLET is simply, well... magnetic, captivating, brilliant, funny, heart rending, and honest in its authenticity as a guide...  It opens doors to the readers heart, mind, and soul. The presentation is honest, ethical ,clear, and most humble..."
                                                  - Jeanette H.

...Authentic, True Stories Never Before Told...

Annie May lost everything when her father died. Everything, that is, except her unyielding faith in the light of a divinely inspired universe. But when the doctors told her she was going to die of bone marrow cancer of the leg, she needed an extra dose of blind faith to carry her beyond all of the betrayals she had experienced in her life...

...Peggy Sue, a widowed house wife, had only one relationship left from which to define her own existance: She was deeply attached to her pain. She wore her misery as a heavy blanket that hovered around her like smog. When her loving but wayward son arrived one day with an unusual idea to cure the painful arthritis in her knee, Peggy Sue just knew that no good would come from it...

...In the harsh desert a convict released from prison limped down a desolate highway. He was a man on a mission, travelling to meet his daughter for the first time. Nothing was going to stop this tattered straggler. Nothing, that is, except the diabetes-induced infection that had tunneled a hole in the bottom of his foot. Facing heat stroke and delirium he just kept putting one foot in front of the other as the wind whisked across the deserted landscape...

...Tom, also known by his friends as the singing chef, was a diabetic heart transplant patient with a finger that his medical doctor was just dying to chop off. Tom, however, had a different song to sing thanks to the help of a friend's friend...

...Rick couldn't keep control of his KTM-500 dirt bike on the track during his latest race. When Rick's mother gave the trauma staff permission to cut off his gangrene leg, Rick's father stole him out of the hospital in the middle of the night...

...but not just stories, real independent research, and real science...

Read the amazing research conducted by Dr. Benjamin Ershoff, Ph.D., and discover what natural supplement NASA uses for heathy bone maintenance in a zero gravity environment. Read reports that demonstrate that bone loss can potentially be reversed even with those suffering later-stage osteoporisis.

Explore the research conducted by Brigham Young University, that demostrates a simple cure for digestive illness that kill tens of thousands of people each year across the globe.

Explore the perspective of world-wide experts, including the natural medicine exploits of Gandhi in India and Raymond Dextreit, the famous French Naturopath. Take a brief journey back in time and visit Cano Graham's desert healing center, and explore the truly amazing work of several other modern pioneers.

Upon a Clay Tablet is the one health and wellness book you don't want to miss.

What the Author Says

"This volume of my work comprises a two book set that I have designed as an introduction to the art and science of healing with therapeutic homeostatic clays. Book 1 includes a book of very relevant and true short stories and a section on correspondences.

"Book 2 is an exploration into clay therapeutics, and provides extensive information on some of the most prized healing clays of the world. It also provides detailed information on how health pioneers have used them successfully around the world. Book two includes some choice and independent scientific studies which help to validate and explain some of clay's amazing abilities to heal and promote vital health.

"Never again will mankind lose the ancient and profound art of healing with the living earth. This is an art form that should always remain in the hands of the people and be used for and by the people of the world."

- Jason R. Eaton, author


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