Fermented Cabbage Juice – The Natural, Affordable and Effective Probiotic

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Head of Green Cabbage

Head of Green Cabbage

More and more individuals with digestive complaints are turning to natural health to help cure their digestive disorders.  Eventually, people often turn to probiotics to help stabalize digestion.  Probiotics are offered by multitudinous companies touting the health benefits of repopulating the colon with “good” bacteria.

However, many individuals are realizing that these products, often very expensive, are not very effective.  The severity of digestive failure is often partially to blame, but it is also becoming very clear that these “off the shelf” microbes are not doing their job.  They simply appear to be eliminated from the colon as quickly as one takes them, if they even survive their tumultuous and perilous travel through the raging hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Damage to the mucus membrane of the colon also makes re population of beneficial microbes a difficult task.  Partially digested food, due to weak digestion, also encourages the propagation of increasingly vigilant  pathogenic organisms.  The SAD American diet doesn’t help, either!

Restoration of proper digestive function is absolutely key to vibrant health.  Without good digestion, the body’s systems will start to fail like a house of cards tumbling down.

But there are simple, effective solutions.

Many people have found that using edible healing clays is all that is needed to help heal and repair the digestive system.  But what happens when the colon’s bacterial balance is so far deteriorated that recovery doesn’t take place?

When individuals begin taking a good healing clay, and notice an issue with constipation, this is a warning that the digestive system needs some additional work.  This is called an “exteriorization”, an existing problem made manifest by effective therapy.  It is a message being sent by the body.

The ***effective use*** of probiotics and therapeutic clay, along with a few other natural healing foods, is all that is needed to start the process of healing, which can take as little as six weeks.  However, in order to effectively use probiotics, one needs to use very human-compatible strains of lactobacteria, with an effective delivery system.  Through fermentation, the population counts can be dramatically increased and the microbes activity greatly increases.

Fermented cabbage juice may be one of the most effective and safe methods to help repopulate the colon.  It is certainly the most affordable, and easy to make.  What makes cabbage juice so special?  The lactobacteria exist in a robust state in their natural environment (the cabbage), and the fibers of the cabbage protect the microbes as they travel through the stomach, and act as the perfect probiotic delivery system.

One half cup of fermented cabbage juice taken with each and every meal, along with a good daily dose of edible clay, has proven to be a near miraculous combination for many individuals.  Adjusting to fermented cabbage juice can be a challenge for some, but it becomes easier if one remembers that the more the body reacts to it’s initial consumption, the more it is needed.  Any discomfort is very temporary!

Fermented cabbage juice may not smell very good, but the taste is actually very mild.

Many individuals with digestive problems also have problems with fungal overgrowth, leaky gut syndrome, etc.  When fungus such as Candida overgrows, it can “leak” into the body and become pathogenic.  Live blood cell analysis quickly reveals such a condition.

In order to further assist the body in eliminating pathogenic organism problems, wise individuals are also encourage to add to their diet an abundance of raw garlic, while at the same time reducing the amount of processed sugar.  Garlic is ***highly*** antimicrobial, and very underestimated in its ability to help reduce and normalize pathogen counts in the body.

Due to the over consumption of gluten, the micro villi  of the small intestine also become damaged.  Poor adsorption of nutrients equates to poor health.  Healing clays help cleanse and repair the micro villi, but unless an individual is eating perfectly, the body can use some extra help.  One of the best ways to “ungum” the microvilli, along with clay use, is high quality aloe vera.  While a high quality Aloe is expensive, it’s effect on the digestive system is marked, especially if one combines everything together:

Therapeutic clay, fermented cabbage juice, raw garlic, and aloe!

Some individuals complain about an intolerance to things such as raw garlic.  This is often due to damage to the lining of the stomach, as well as the die off effect that garlic has as it works to restore balance to the digestive tract.  The way to work around this is to first start with a small amount of clay water between meals; then add the aloe.  Once the body has adjusted to small amounts of clay, add the fermented cabbage juice.  Once the body has adjusted to the cabbage juice, add the garlic.

If constipation becomes an immediate issue, stagger clay use, taking it three to four days a week rather than every day.  Consider using a good quality magnesium product to help hydrate the colon.

My special thanks goes out to Glenn Hall, who first introduced me to the use of fermented cabbage for natural health!

Stay tuned, in my next post, I’m going to write a tutorial on our modified fermented cabbage juice formula, introducing a new concept in probiotic health with Effective Microorganisms!

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