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About the Author

The Tecopia Essentia Earth Cures blog is written by me, Jason R. Eaton; just another being sailing through the sea of time on this tumultuous, wondrous Earth.

I’m a rather eclectic fellow with nearly twenty five years of independent research experience into the realm of alternative and natural medicine.  Based on the work I’ve produced over last few decades, it might be surprising for some people to learn that I’m actually not a health nut.

My motivation for researching and exploring alternatives is multifaceted but quite specific.  First off, life circumstances has always thrown me, sometimes quite unwilling, into the midst of chaos.  A refusal to accept things at face value has always led me in a quest for increasing levels of depth perception.  This is true with all endeavors in my life.  Necessity being the mother of invention, I have always elected to employ as much creativity in problem solving as possible.

Second, I learned at a very, very young age (starting at about the age of 12) that the mind is terrible thing and must be stopped at all costs!  I learned that if I’m not involved in problem solving at a very deep level, employing both creativity and analytical discipline, that my life would become greatly imbalanced.  The mundane was too boring to hold my attention for long.  I quickly learned through the study of meditation and concentration that it would take me decades to master the ever-wandering mind.  Keeping my entire being focused on dynamic, productive endeavors has been the key to avoiding self destruction.  Quite selfish, I know!

Third, my spiritual leanings and studies have ingrained a sense of deep responsibility for the suffering of others.  I’m an idealist at heart, and having discovered something of benefit, I have always felt an obligation to do my part to make the world a better place.  In fact, I can’t stand to see others needlessly suffer, no matter the surrounding circumstances.

Although I’ve written a book and over sixty or seventy articles related to natural health, alternative medicine, and a few articles on meditation and concentration, I’ve only published a very small amount of the research I’ve conducted.  For example, I spent three  years dedicated to the personal research of the paranormal and the study of many of the more authentic spiritual traditions of the world.  It is unlikely that I’ll ever place to pen to paper and write about many of the things I learned and experienced during this time!

I have deep and profound respect for what I consider to be the authentic religious and spiritual traditions of the world.  However, and this may at first seem contradictory, I also have a deep and profound respect for the intellectual philosophies of the world, which are often considered devoid of spirituality.  The apparent contradiction is “solved” if one considers that it is not possible to suppress the spirit of humanity, and every being walking this planet has faith in something.  Be it Taoism or existentialism, Catholicism or Hermeticism, I’m endlessly fascinated at how humanity works to understand the world in which we all live, and how peoples have developed systems and ideologies to move humanity forward to a more prosperous and balanced state of being.  I don’t have to agree with another’s personal beliefs to have an appreciation for their perspective.

Conversely, I have absolutely no tolerance for political rhetoric, prejudice,  and cruelty.    I also learned at a young age that when the people of a society decide that change is warranted, change comes.  The same may be said for us as individuals.

When cornered (not an easy task!), and I feel I have to make a statement about my political leanings, I respond with:  “I’m a conservative liberal libertarian.”  Needless to say, there are not many politicians running that match that description!

It’s very hard to earn my vote; I prefer to vote with my wallet.

I much prefer to sail in the realm of ideas and creative expression as I stumble my way through this life.  I’ve always believed that life is about living, and living life has always been a great challenge for me personally.  I’m pretty much backwards to how this world operates, but with much persistence and dedication, I’ve managed to somehow carve my way through the obstacles presented, and have thus far been the better for it all!

My greatest ambition is to peel away all fear, living this life in this very moment, in love with all that IS, among those I cherish most, doing those things which challenge me, bring joy to those I love, and bring a deep contentment to my own inner self, while allowing the universe to reveal what comes next.


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  1. Peter du Toit says:

    Hi Jason R. Eaton,

    Please would you indicate/ help me with the following: 1. If Zeolite is spoken of as such an amazing heavy metal detoxifier – how does your added clay ( you can recommend please) increase the detox and are they taken together and quantity per day each? 2. At the same time what type of clay would you suggest to use simultaineously as a bathing detox and how often per week? I am trying to help a person with a serious motor neuron/neurological problem caused by Mercury, Lead etc and pesticides. * I have all the other info re Chlorella, Cilantro etc etc & want to use your clays as well * I believe that clay baths actually leave behind darkish residues but nobody can tell me if they include heavy metals – however – common sense tells me that clay treatment might do that while the Chlorella & Cilantro has the toxic metals passing along the blood routes. Can you assist me with some input here please. Kind regards Peter du Toit – South Africa


    • eytonsearth says:


      Zeolite and smectites work very differently, unless you are using a non-micronized zeolite. A non-micronized zeolite action is limited to the digestive tract. A micronized zeolite is adsorbed into the active metabolism, where it has the potential to detox directly. Smectites act as a catalyst, helping to educe– or to encourage– systemic detoxification, as well as working to restore homeostasis to the digestive system. If the digestion system is not working properly, the body has a natural inclination to resist the process of detoxification. Detox goes much slower.
      For smectites, one to three teaspoonfuls to one to three tablespoonfuls per day, depending on how the individual responds. For micronized zeolite, I like a dosage of about three tablespoonfuls daily… assuming that the individual drinks plenty of good water as well.

      Clay baths should be taken twice to three times weekly, if well tolerated. Some people do more, but if more are done, then you need to pay very careful attention to meeting dietary needs; ie minerals and vitamins… and particularly to balancing the body’s electrolytes.

      A good swelling clay, calcium bentonite/montmorillonite, or a high quality sodium bentonite are the best for use in clay baths, in my experience.

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