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Essential Fatty Acids – The Golden Ratio, The ‘Royalty’ of Oils, and Toxic Fat

  The necessity of fatty acids for human health has been all over the news these past few years.  Finally, the idea that a low fat diet is being replaced by the truth:  Good fats are vital for a proper … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Skin Blemishes – Therapeutic Clay and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

In previous posts, I examined the importance of water quality, and explored some unique ways to use clay for skin health.  Now, I’d like to expand upon this knowledge, and share one of the most famous clay skin formulas which … Continue reading

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From Degeneration to Regeneration: Rebuilding Tissues with MSM, a Natural Sulfur

  Inflammation is the single greatest cause of tissue damage in the human body, followed closely by free radical damage.  It is pointless, and even sometimes counter-productive, to try to promote tissue regeneration without properly hydrating the body, correcting the … Continue reading

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Heavy Metals and Chemical Toxicity / Acute & Chronic Toxicity

The issue of heavy metal and chemical toxicity is a huge one; one I have been involved with for many, many years.  Successful detoxification is dependent on the state of the body’s primary elimination organs, and proper digestive function; interested … Continue reading

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Fabulous Facials – Fabulous Skin – Clay and Skin Health

Before looking at skin health, hopefully you’ve read my previous posts on digestion, water, and pH. If not, consider reading them in chronological order.  Why?  Because skin health comes from the inside out, and without proper digestion and proper electrolyte … Continue reading

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