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We are not able to make any medical claims for the use of therapeutic clays.

We are a wholesale/bulk clay sales company. None of our products are labeled for retail use.

Therefore, we strongly encourage interested individuals to spend some time doing independent research.

Below are some fantastic resources for researching how clays have been traditionally been used in natural medicine. We strongly recommend that individuals read each and every reference:

Healing Clays of the World: Bentonite, Illite, Montmorillonite - Eytons' Earth specializes in the indepedent research of clays from all over the world, and exists as a public research and education website.

For those interested in learning all about edible clay, please read the Eytons' Earth Beginner's Comprehensive Guide to Edible Clay.

For basic heavy metal cleansing: Using Edible clay for Heavy Metals.

For digestive system/colon cleansing: Using Edible Clay for Digestive System Cleansing.

Clay Baths, Chemical and Radiation Toxicity - A must read article on how clay is used in traditional natural medicine to address chemical, metal, and radiation toxicity.

Clay Therapy Book: Upon a Clay Tablet, by Jason R. Eaton

Colloidal Silver: Information, News and Research - Explore the use of silver and alternative medicine. Also includes a special section called "Nature's Toolbox" featuring in-depth articles on a wide variety of topics.

Edible Clay as a Plant Supplement: The Wheatgrass Growth Rate Experiment - A simple experiment that demonstrates a 25% increase in wheatgrass yield over a seven day period of time.

Antibacteria MRSA time kill study on natural healing clay / bentonite

Clay, the Healing Underground - Read Julie Crist's most excellent article on the use of therapeutic grade clays.

Our three clay blend now comes with an option for fresh water food grade diatomaceous earth. Understand why by researching the following:

Micronized Zeolite Resources

Zeolite Uses - Article on the power of micronized zeolite in human health.

Zeolite - An interesting PDF documenting research conducted in Europe.

Micronized Zeolite - Antioxidant/Anti-Cancer Effects - Pub Med article/study

Ray Sahelian Article - A well balanced conservative article by Ray Sahelian about using micronized zeolite, including research into the potential of using zeolite for neurodegenerative conditions.


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